Volume of corporate bonds trading on KASE March 14, 2018 - KZT 20.7 mln (USD 64.4 th.)
News source: KASE

Today in the secondary market sector of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) 7 deals transactions with corporate bonds have been concluded totaling KZT 20.7 mln, or the equivalent of USD 64.4 th. In comparison to the previous trading day volume of transactions increased by KZT 11.9 mln (2.3 times) or USD 36.8 th.

Today on KASE 1 direct (contractual) deal with corporate bonds have been concluded totaling KZT 0.7 mln (USD 2.2 th.). On the previous day, no direct (contractual) deals with corporate bonds were concluded on KASE.

The table shows results of trades in corporate bonds on deals concluded in the KASE trading system by open trades.

Trade code Net price and yield Deal volume, th. USD Deals
minimum. maximum last deal Weighted average trend
wav last
ATFBe7 94.5765 94.5765 94.5765 94.5765 +0.0496 +0.0496 2.2 1
CCBNe3 91.0000 91.2500 91.0000 91.1348 -2.3151 -2.4499 30.2 3
HCBNb3 103.2817 103.2817 103.2817 103.2817 +0.5455 +0.5455 20.1 1
  13.20 13.20 13.20 13.20 -0.30 -0.30   
SNRGb2 103.3823 103.3823 103.3823 103.3823 -0.0024 -0.0024 9.7 1
  11.99 11.99 11.99 11.99 0 0   
Total 4 instruments: 62.2 6

Notes: the first line on every corporate bond denomination contains bond's net price of given denomination in percents to the face value of one bond, the 2nd line – bond's yield of given denomination in percent per annum. The given indicators are calculated base on parameters of concluded deals.

Volumes of deals and trades are not indicated in tenge due to hardware restriction in abovementioned table. Recalculation into USD was made based on weighted average price pf all deals in USD concluded on the report day in the morning (main) trade session on KASE (KZT 321.71 per dollar).

Trends have been calculated as change of share price of any denomination (wav – weighted average last – last deal) on the current day deals relative to the same indicator of previous trade day If no "open" deals with shares of given denomination were made trends on the share shall not be calculated.

Complete information on results of trade in shares on KASE including data on bid and ask on stocks and parameters of direct (nego) deals is spread within the frames of specialized products of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC.

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