As of October 13 amendments to Listing Rules put into effect
News source: KASE
/KASE, October 13, 2017/ – Following a decision of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange 
(KASE) Board of Directors dated October 12, 2017 changes and additions No. 3 
(amendments) to KASE internal document "Listing Rules" (Rules) were approved, 
with effect as of October 13, 2017.

Said amendments were made for purposes of:

- specifying deadlines for submission of documents and disclosure of information
  whose list is specified in the Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the 
  Securities Market" and "On Joint-Stock Companies";

- removing from the composition of listing requirements of criteria (terms) for 
  inclusion of securities in the "Main" market of the official list and their
  quotation in said market due to the need for a more precise definition of
  main differences between the "Main" and "Alternative" markets;

- defining the term of suspension of consideration of the application for
  securities listing upon an initiative of their admission initiator;

- fulfillment of requirements of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and KASE
  internal documents regarding the countering of money laundering and financing 
  of terrorism;

- extending the list of international financial organizations whose securities
  can  be included in sector "Securities of international financial
  organizations" of the "Mixed" market of KASE official list;

- specifying requirements for information disclosure during IPO of shares in 
  KASE trading system.

Also, the text of the Rules was supplemented with procedural and editorial
details and corrections.

The revised Rules will be released on KASE website soon.


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