Bank CenterCredit bonds KZP02Y15E993 (KZ2C00004083, CCBNb29) convertible into ordinary shares underwent listing procedure on KASE by category "bonds" of main market
News source: KASE
/KASE, October 13, 2017/ – Following a decision of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange 
(KASE) Listing Commission of October 13, 2017, subordinated bonds KZP02Y15E993 
(KZ2C00004083; KZT1,000, KZT60.0 bn; 15 years; annual coupon 4.00 % APR, in the
first year of circulation the coupon is paid for 30 and 330 days; 30/360) of Bank 
CenterCredit (Almaty), convertible into ordinary shares, were included in KASE 
official list's main market's "bonds" category.

The Listing Commission decision's effective date will be announced as soon as
the issuer fulfills the terms set in item 1 of chapter 5 of appendix 2.2 of
KASE internal  document "Listing Rules".

Opening of trading in these bonds on KASE will also be announced additionally.

Issue of said bonds is the second one under the third bond program of Bank 
CenterCredit registered by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 
June 9, 2015 in the total amount of KZT250.0 bn, and the 29th issue of "internal" 
bonds of said issuer which underwent listing on KASE.

Centras Securities (Almaty) is the bondholders' representative.

Said bonds were assigned an abbreviation (ticker) CCBNb29.

More details of said bond issue will be released on KASE website once the
Listing Commission's decision becomes effective.


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