Subsidiary Bank Sberbank of Russia provides funding for construction of trade and leisure centre in Shymkent
News source: KASE
/KASE, September 14, 2017/ – Subsidiary Bank Sberbank of Russia  (Almaty), whose 
bonds are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has provided 
KASE with the following press release of September 14, 2017:


Sberbank has allocated KZT 945 million to Bagzhan Land Company for the 
construction of a shopping and entertainment center in Shymkent.

The transaction provides for subsidy of the interest rate on a loan in the 
framework of Business Road Map 2020 Unified Business Support and Development 
Program of EDF Damu JSC.

"Today, Sberbank takes a leading position in the implementation of state programs 
aimed at the entrepreneurship development. The opening of shopping centers allows 
to attract new retailers and create additional working places,which  ultimately
has a positive impact on the economic growth of the region", Yeldar Tenizbayev,
Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of SB Sberbank JSC, emphasizes.

Construction work is planned to be completed by November 2017. The full 
launch of the new shopping and entertainment center will be made by the end of 
the year.

Bagzhan Land Company already has 3 contracts of intent of rent for placing 
restaurant, supermarket and playgrounds. This transaction will expand HYPER 
HOUSE shopping center already existing in Shymkent. The building will consist 
of 5 levels, which will include an underground parking, shopping areas, cinema, 
children's playground, and restaurants. We believe that the comfort and 
availability of our project will be appreciated", Zhandarbek Sydykov, Director
of Bagzhan Land LLP, said.

Bagzhan Land LLP is the owner of HYPER HOUSE shopping center. The shopping and 
entertainment center is located in one of the busiest areas of the city of Shymkent.

SB Sberbank JSC is a part of Sberbank international group. The Bank has ten-year 
successful experience in the financial market of the Republic of Kazakhstan
and takes 4th place in terms of assets among second-tier banks of the Republic 
of Kazakhstan. Nowadays, SB Sberbank JSC has a branch network of 83 structural
subdivisions, 16 out of which are branches. The central office of the Bank is 
located in Almaty.

For more information please contact the following persons:
SB Sberbank JSC 

Yekaterina  Kupreyeva
+7 (727) 266 35 68 (ext. 502499)
Моb:+7 702 18 16 127

Yevgeniy Kruglik
+7 (727) 266 35 68 (ext. 501237)
Mob:+7 707 75 00 681



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