National Bank of Kazakhstan on August 11 sold first issue of MEUKAM-240 (KZKDKY200019) worth KZT1 bn at par on KASE at 9.1 % YTM
News source: KASE
/KASE, August 11, 2017/ – A special trading session to sell government long-
term treasury obligations of Kazakhstan's Ministry of Finance first issue 
(KZKDKY200019, MUM240_0001, KZT1,000, KZT37.7 bn, April 24, 2012 – 
April 24, 2032, annual coupon 5.5 %, 30/360, 5,293 DTM) of MEUKAM-240 by 
the National Bank of Republic of Kazakhstan was held in KASE trading system 
today. Below are the parameters of bid and results of the special trading 

BID PARAMETERS:                                                  
-------------------------------------------------- --------------
Number of participants:                            1             
Number of orders submitted (all / active):         1 / 1         
Volume of active orders*, mln tenge:               730.2         
Bid to ask, %:                                     100           
"Clean" price on order submitted, %:               71.3832       
Yield on order submitted, % APR:                   9.1000        
-------------------------------------------------- --------------
* active orders – orders not annulled by trade                   
  participants at expiry of order submission period              
  including those, confirmed by Confirmation System participants.
AUCTION RESULTS:                                                 
-------------------------------------------------- --------------
Volume of orders executed, bonds:                  1000000       
Volume of orders executed, tenge:                  730,179,222.22
Number of orders executed:                         1             
Volume of orders executed, % of plan:              100           
Cut-off price, % of the face value:                71.3832       
"Clean" price on orders executed, % of face value: 71.3832       
YTM for buyer, %:                                  9.1000        

According to the Central Securities Depository (Almaty), the deal was settled by
the settlement time.

Current maturity:                         14.7 years (5,293 days)         
Declared volume at face value, mln tenge: 1,000.0                         
Lot size, pieces:                         1                               
Trade subject:                            "clean" price                   
Purchase order types:                     limit                           
Market order execution ratio, %:          0                               
Order submission method:                  open                            
Order acceptance period:                  09:00–11:00                     
Order confirmation period:                09:00–11:30                     
Striking time:                            15:00                           
Payment date and time:                    August 11, 2017, 15:00 (Т+0)    
Order execution way:                      at limit offset order prices    
                                          equal to the cut-off price or at
                                          best prices for the seller;     
                                          pro rata to amounts             
                                          of offset orders                
Order execution method:                   orders below the cut-off price  
                                          are cut off                     
Trades initiator:                         National Bank of                
                                          Republic of                     
                                          Kazakhstan (Almaty)             
Trading system sector:                    MEKAM_ST3                       
Trading system group:                     MEUKAM_240                      


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