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The successful development of your company depends on how seriously you think about the information component of your business. We pay special attention to this activity and we are proud that for many companies and retail investors, IRBIS is number 1 resource to get information on all segments of the financial market.

We work hard to provide quick services to our customers with the most accurate and complete information that is happening, both on domestic and international financial market.

In December 1998, IRBIS Agency registered and established JSC Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE). Today IRBIS for a 100% subsidiary of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange and is an authorized exchange agency that distributes the information to KASE.

In July 2009, IAFM IRBIS have joined FISD *. This event marked is a new stage in the history of IRBIS, the company officially has entered into the world distributors market of financial information.

Today IAFM IRBIS – is the company known in financial circles, which creates and propagates on a commercial basis the unique information about financial markets to more than 100 customers. Among them, the FSA and major operators of the market such as JSC "Kazkommertsbank", JSC "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan", JSC "Asyl Invest", JSC "BTA Securities" and several other banks.

Agency's services used by most companies like managing of pension assets, pension funds, broker-dealers, issuers and private investors.

FISD - Financial Information Service Division - Division of Financial and Information Services, is a member of the Association of Software Industry and Information (The Software and Information Industry Association - SIIA). SIIA – is an organization with more than twenty years history, which joins almost 140 companies from around the world involved in the dissemination of financial information industry: banks, brokerage houses, investment and hedge funds, stock exchanges, news agencies, software developers and others.